The adventure, step by step.

Here is the complete walkthrough for Rings of Power, broken down into three parts.
Part one focuses on the start of the game and getting the group together.
Part two tells you how to obtain each ring in its entirety and part three looks at the magic seal and the Fount of Heaven.


When you begin the game you are on a hill just north of Mind. All you have with you is a note from your master Thalmus asking you to meet him in the lecture hall at the back of the academy. Follow the path to mind and go into the academy, then head around to the back. Speak with Thalmus and he will call a meeting between his students to demonstrate the stun spell - he will then give each student a task. Before you carry out your task however, you must first go to the temple in the square to speak with Ak Thul. Head outside and go to the temple, speak with Ak Thul and receive the tome. Go back and talk with Thalmus again and he will then give you your task. Firstly take the map from his room as he says, also take the warn spell nearby, then exit the academy. Now you need to go to the hermit's house - consult the map if you need to. It is actually back towards where you started - on the hill on its own - it's not hard to find. When you try and speak with the hermit he will attack you. Use your stun spell on him and you should defeat him - now you have the sorcerer's eye - take it back to Thalmus. Thalmus will then give you the clue spell and call another meeting. As he leads the meeting, a fellow student attacks Thalmus and kills him. The students are then cast out into the world in search for the rings.


Slash (of the Knights)
"Slash is young and ambitious with a strong moral sense - the perfect hero. My good friend Hack in the City of Division can tell you where to find him".
You now find yourself just outside the city of Division. Go into the city and through to the Guild of Pieces alongside the harbour. You will find Hack just to the right of the entrance. Speak with him and he will ask you to retrieve a key that has been stolen by a black priest. The only help he offers is to ask around the guilds in the city. Ask at any of the knights guilds and a guild master will tell you Scourge's whereabouts are known by a wandering merchant. He himself doesn't know where the merchant is, but one of the city's lighthouse keepers does. From here you need to hire a boat and sail out to the northern of the lighthouses and speak with the keeper there. He will spill the location if you bribe him. His information tells you to travel by boat around the north city wall and onto the largest island among the cluster, slightly to the west. Enter the oasis there and you will see Rashid beside the water, speak with him and he will give you the location of scourge. It turns out he is hidden in the sewers, with the entrance being just in front of the temple in Division. Travel back to Division again and enter the sewers in the location given (You may want to sleep first if your health isn't full) and you will be immediately attacked by Scourge. Defeat him to take the Knight key and return to the guild. Once in the guild go around to the back rooms and toward the treasury. The guard there will stop you, so bribe him (good guard huh?) and enter the room. Empty each chest and take the Knight symbol back to Hack where he will give you the services of Slash. Observe any other advice Hack gives you and prepare to leave for Blood.

Mortimer (of the Necromancers)
"Mortimer is reasonably amiable for a Necromancer, and a top student - you'll need his healing skills on your journey. To find him, see Flemm in the City of Blood".
This section will help save time by not having to wander back and forth between towns. Head south from Division and you will eventually come to the city of Blood. Go to the Necromantic academy and down to the burial ground below. The necromancer you need to speak to, Flemm, is carrying out a private burial and the gate is locked. Talk to the necromancer nearby and he will ask you to carry out a task for him, in return he will open the gate for you. Follow the clues he gives you and return upstairs and speak with the necromancer searching the bookshelves. He will let you know he has seen the key to the lab among one of the bookshelves nearby, while searching for something. Search the shelves yourself and you should find the lab key. Now enter the lab to your left and take the corpse. Exit the building and go to the guilds and speak with the people there. Eventually you will be told Old Tsalmi's grave in on the hill just outside Blood. Once it is dark, take the corpse there and hand it over. You can now return to the academy where the gate to Flemm is open. Talk to him and he will give you the Necromancer symbol, yet demand the Enchanter symbol in return for the services of one of his pupils. Rest and restock for the trip to Perfection. Perfection is a good distance to the west, via Fenopolis. Once there, buy some flowers at the shop and head north from the city across the desert to Speed as Hack advised you.

Feather (of the Archers)
"Feather is a strong minded, aggressive young woman. She's smart, skilled with her bow, and longs for adventure. Visit the Archers' guild in Speed and speak with guild master Arrow - she'll be expecting you".
When you arrive at Speed, go to the guild in the center of town. Speak to the receptionist, she will ask for some flowers before she lets you in. If you purchased some in Perfection, give then to her. Note her information on the sextant and then head upstairs. Talk to Arrow and she will ask you to find the whereabouts of some archers that have been kidnapped by bandits. She also needs a map to the mines of mysery. The only pointers offered are to ask around the guilds and to talk to Carp, the local gossip. He can be found at the docks in front of the cathedral. Carp doesn't have too much to say, but does let on that a bandit has been caught and is being help prisoner in the town. Go to the civic center and talk to the bandit, he will ask for a flip stone in return for the location of the mines of mysery. Go to the local store and buy a flip stone, then take it back to the bandit. He will flip out, but not before he's drawn you a map of the location of the mines - morally incorrect maybe, but its what we need right? You might want to read the map at this point, it says -
'Go east from Speed into the hills. There is a hidden cave there above the falls -- it's the entrance to the mines of mysery'
Now go back to Arrow at the guild and show her the map, she will take it in return for the archer symbol. Arrow tells you to take it to the mines and show it to her lieutenant, who will let Feather join your party. Any bandits can be done away with. Go to the location suggested in the map and enter the cave, you will have to fight bandits as you descend into the mines. If your levels get low return to town and sleep at the inn. When you reach the bottom level of the mine you will see Arrow across the room, speak to her and she will join. You must then get out of the mines using the back exit. You may camp to avoid the fight and exit the mines, or if you feel like a fight then just wander into the cave. The party of two bandits and black priest is a little harder than what you have encountered so far, but you should be ok. Try to protect the archer as she is vulnerable at this stage. Exit the mines and return to Speed to restore your health, but any spells you may need for the archer then return to Perfection. If you have not got the sextant by now, this is the ideal time. Follow the information on the sextant page.

Alexi (of the Conjurors)
"Alexi is the favourite of her master, Haze, and with good reason - she's a model student and shows great aptitude for her art. You'll find her in the City of Perfection".
In Perfection, go to the guild and speak to the librarian. She acknowledges you need to speak to the guild master, Haze, but says she does not want to be disturbed. The door to her room is an 'ideal door' and can only be opened with a key. Time to find someone who knows about the key. Ask around town, the plain clothed man in the restaurant says he knows of its location but needs a favour in return. He is working on a new spell, but needs some flame wood. You can learn about flame wood in the ideal library so return to the guild. Among other scraps of paper, you will also find two notes -
'Certain exotic spells involving water summoning can be aided by the rare flame wood found only in the cave of fire, found around 5'-10'.'
'Cave of fire - contains valuable reagents, but location of cave is a closely guarded secret of a hermit named Dry who lives in an oasis outside of Kaos.'
From here you should visit the hermit mentioned. Kaos is north-west of Perfection, but can be reached directly by the path that leads easterly from the city. The oasis is just south-east of the city (11'7"-9'4"), enter and you will see Dry. Speak with her and she will tell you the flame wood cave is just south of Cathedral and it can be only reached by boat. She goes on to say the chest there is magically sealed, but someone called Larry who frequents the Lobotomy Club knows more about the subject. You need to speak with this Larry, so now head for the Lobotomy Club (It's the building you started the game outside of, near the city of Mind). Although the building is just to the south of you (10'7"-12'3"), it is impossible to reach by foot. The quickest way is to take a boat from Kaos, around the wall surrounding Mind and into the harbour there. From Mind you can walk. Enter and find Larry, he'll give you information if you buy him a drink. Larry had the key to the chest for a while but sold it to a conjuror that lives in the north, around (8'-5'). Check your map and head for the island just north-east of Cathedral, taking your boat from Mind (keeping to the shallow waters will save supplies). Talk to the conjuror and she will offer you the key in return for her precious ogre egg that has been stolen by a band of conjurors. The bandits hide in a cave in the south snow bank around (6'-21'), so head there. You will be attacked as you enter the cave so be prepared - this will be the hardest fight you have had so far. Defeat the conjurors to get the ogre egg and take it back to the conjuror on the island. She won't give you the key as she promised so you'll have to fight her for it. *** Note - Killing her without travelling to the snow bank will also get you the key *** Now you can look to the cave. The best way to reach it is to take a boat from either Cathedral heading around the southern wall then downstream, or from Speed heading east then downstream. Once there enter the cave and take the flame wood, then go back to Perfection. Visit the man in the restaurant again and give him the flame wood. He will give you the ideal key, so now go and open the door in the ideal library. When you talk to Haze she will give you the Conjuror symbol. Show her the Necromancer symbol as she asks and you will receive the services of Alexi who is waiting downstairs. Restock again and prepare to return to Kaos.

Obliky (of the Enchanters)
"Obliky, like all Enchanters, is a little unfocused. He's a good lad, though, and I think he'll serve you well. speak to Xylotyl of Kaos to learn his whereabouts".
When you arrive at Kaos, you need to speak to master Xylotyl. Talk to the secretary in the Temple of Kaos and he will direct you to Xylotyl's secretary, who he says you will find in the temple. Trying to speak to the secretary though is futile, as he has converted to Void. Instead, speak with the red priest and he will tell you of a quest to turn a convert back. He points you in the direction of the cathedral where the great confessional will tell you more. Go to the Great Cathedral and speak to the great confessional - he resides on the ground floor, just east of the entrance. He will tell you that a holy mirror, when shown to a convert, will return them to their self once more. He then instructs you to look in the library upstairs - west wall, south end - where a reference can be found. When you find the memo, you will discover the mirror has been hidden in the crypt of the cathedral in Perfection. Go there and search around the tombs and you will find another memo. This one says the mirror was moved to Speed where the climate is better, so go there. Searching the tombs in Speed will uncover the mirror, which you can return to Kaos. You may wish to take some flipstones with you as they fetch double the price in Kaos. Show the mirror to Xylotyl's secretary to return him to sanity. He will ask you for a bingo card which you must fetch from the first floor of the tower. Return with it and he will tell you to visit the top of the tower at night where Xylotyl will be waiting. Once you speak to Xylotyl, he will give you the symbol of the enchanters. Show him the conjurors symbol and he will instruct you to go to the Drunken Dragon, just south of Blood. Make any preparations you wish and return to Blood. A path runs southbound from Blood which ends at the Drunken Dragon. When you arrive, go upstairs and talk to Obliky, he will join the group. Exit the building by the side door as you will be attacked by the group of enchanters if you return downstairs. Return to blood.

Mortimer (of the Necromancers)(Continued)
Once back in Blood simply return to Flemm and show him the enchanter symbol. He will let you take Mortimer who is waiting at the guild on the hill above Blood. Talk to Mortimer to complete your party.


There are eleven rings in total that you must find; each will hold a different challenge. Here is a guide to which rings are easier to find, giving you the chance to build up your experience for the harder ones. Note - this is merely a guide and not the order in which they need to be quested for.

The ring of thoughtEasyFirst
The ring of willMediumMid
The ring of intuitionHardMid
The ring of divisionMediumMid
The ring of advancingMediumMid
The ring of perfectionHardMid
The ring of callingMediumMid
The ring of bileHardLate
The ring of bloodHardLate
The ring of variationEasyMid
The ring of mutationEasyMid


"The first ring of the sorcerers, the Ring of Thought is shrouded in mystery. I believe the red priest Ak Thul in the City of Mind holds the key to this rings location - visit the temple and speak to him".
Ak Thul did not have any information when I spoke to him so I started my quest at the great cathedral. If you try to speak to the priest behind the desk on the lower floor you will instead insert the ruby Alexi gave you into the statue. It will then tell you to take a note to a man Called Bob who lives in Sunrise. Now head over to Sunrise, located just south of the Fount of Heaven, in the snow bank. You can only approach by ship as the town is surrounded by rocks and sailing south from Perfection or west from Sparta is most ideal. The house you are looking for is at (3'5-22'2"), enter and speak with Bob (he is on the upper floor). Bob will then give you another note in return which will give you a clue to your next destination. It says -
'To find the ring of holy light, seek a place between both dark and bright, look closely neither left nor right, where sun meets moon and day meets night.'
This now leads us to celestial city, so go there (26'-15'). The clue says to look between dark and light, so go to camp on the square at the base, between the two temples (26'3"-15'4") and you should find yourself inside a cave. Within the cave there are five priests of Nexus, each with a question you must answer, by showing an item from your inventory. Failure to show the correct item results in a small loss of money. Three of the items you will have are the sorcerer's symbol, the ruby and the whip you got from the black priest you fought in Kaos, after you returned Xylotyl's secretary to sanity. The other two items you are unlikely to have stumbled upon by chance. Although I'm not sure what should lead you to it, the clue to the items whereabouts can be found on a bookshelf in the Great Cathedral. Examine the seventh bookshelf from the right on the southern wall to find a scrap giving the locations of the items. The first is a skull, found at Shady Acres Funeral Home (6'0"-17'-7"), just south of perfection on the road to Fenopolis and Blood. The second is a goblet, found in a hermits shack just north of Cathedral (5'5"-6'0"). Here is the order in which you encounter the priests, you need to answer to progress.

1 - Show me that with which you beganSorcerers symbolThalamus
2 - Show me the symbol of despairWhipTemple in Kaos
3 - Tough as armour, found inside, show me protection that is not hideSkullShady Acres Funeral Home (6'0"-17'7")
4 - Show me a vessel of fluid containmentGobletHermits shack (5'5"-6'0")
5 - Show me that which came from NexusRubyAlexi

Answer these five questions and the ring is yours.

"The third ring of the sorcerers, the Ring of Will is rumoured to be in the possession of one Keef the Thief, the leader of the Thieves Guild in Thieves Haven. He's a troublesome sort, but I suggest you find a way to make a deal with him"
There is actually a pre-quest you can do before you visit Keef that gives clues to the ring, though it is unnecessary and can only be found by chance as there are no clues to its existence. If you have defeated the witch Hideous (12'0"-13'2") at any point (possibly during the ring of Division quest), you are proclaimed a hero among the fens of Fenopolis (8'-17'). With this title, you are granted access to the mighty Fen Ho. He will give you information of a ring if you seal a protection order for him from the guild of Protectors. You need to travel to Protection in the northern snow bank (7'-2') to talk to the Protectors, so sail there. Once there, speak to the protectors, they will issue a contract if you fetch them some honey. You are told the best honey in the world is supplies by a bear that lives in the great forest on the eastern shore of the east continent (33'8"-10'5"). It is easiest to sail west from Speed and follow the coastline south until you arrive at the shack. Speak with the bear, take the honey and return to Protection. You will be granted the contract, so now return to Fenopolis. Talk to Fen Ho again and take the information he offers.
Following the research of your master, head to Thieves Haven (24'-18'). Enter the thieves' guild and go to the lower floor where Keef the Thief resides. Talk to him and he will offer to give you the ring if you bring him a leaf from the Fluffi tree of Gomez - said to make any thief the best in the world. He doesn't know the location of the tree, but says someone held in the lunatic asylum quested for it. The lunatic asylum is north-east of Thieves Haven across the great desert (31'-8'), you can reach it on foot taking the path via the theatre. Once you arrive take the west wing leading to where the cells are. One of the loonies there will give you the location of the tree if you question him. The tree is in a cave on the island at the foot of the Fount of Heaven (0'7"-19'2"), so take a ship and sail there. Once on the island, enter the cave. The maze itself comprises of hundreds of trees and stumps, your progress through being hindered by eight of these stumps. The only way to remove them is by standing on eight mounds hidden around the maze. It is a very hard and frustrating task indeed. You may wish to consult my maze page for more information and a map. Once you have the leaf, return to Keef at Thieves Haven. As you try to give him the leaf, he says he has just swapped the ring for a good luck charm with a priest named Yoppa. Yoppa says he is to take it to the Great Cathedral. Travel to the Cathedral and enter, Yoppa is there with his party. Talk to him and it will ultimately end in a fight for the ring. As with the other parties questing for the rings, they are of higher levels, so make sure you are healthy yourself. Defeat the party and take the ring.

"This is the second ring of the sorcerers. According to legend, this ring was originally kept at our very own Academy of Sorcery, but was stolen by a greedy dragon. Talk to El Gripa, the grounds keeper in the academy garden - he may have some stories to tell you".
Go to the Sorcerers academy and talk to El Gripa in the gardens. He will test your loyalty by asking you to acquire the 'mirage' spell which can only be found at Magic'B'Us. When you have the spell, return to the academy and talk to El Gripa again, this time he will tell you about Flamory - a dragon who attacked the academy. Listen to his story and then head to Oxbridge (25'-5') where he says some of the survivors went to. When you arrive in Oxbridge, there are two remaining sorcerers from the city of Mind. One is on the upper floor of one of the houses; the other is in the Guild. Talk to the sorcerer in the house and he will ask you to find a treasure map for him, in return he will tell you where the lost sorcerer can be found. Talk to the other sorcerer in the guild and you will find he has lost his memory. He will ask you to search the shelves in the guild for something to remind him what he does; doing this will find a scrap of paper. Reading the scrap of paper will give you a clue to your next location -
Map stolen by thieves in Thieves Haven.
Lost orb in arctic snow bank.
Gave key to friend who vanished.
The last line may be something to do with the thing that the other sorcerer mentioned - not much help yet however. Head to Thieves Haven next (24'-17'), the only real location we have. Once in Thieves Haven, go to the inn and downstairs then talk to the thief there and eventually he will attack you. Once you have defeated him, you will receive the treasure map. Read it and you will find the snow bank is at (26'2"-0'6") - the second part of the clue. Make your way to the snow bank and go to camp (button B), then search around the center of the screen to find the orb (this may take a while, just persevere). Once you have it, return to Oxbridge and go to the house with the sorcerer. He will advise you to visit the man on the Island of Light (13'6"-4'7") - go at night, the only time the gate is open. Once there go to camp, there will be an archer guarding the gate. Speak with her and the gate will open, now enter and go down the ladder. Talk to the sorcerer and he will ask for you to retrieve his orb. You should already have this, so give it to him and he will give you the intuition key. He will then tell you to show it to people in Oxbridge and you might learn the location of Flamory's cave. Return to Oxbridge and speak with sorcerer in the guild, show him the key and he will tell you a story -
'Over rolling seas of sand shall the hero go with key in hand,
search neither high nor low to discover the path aglow...'
'Near where the world of the life, meets the world of death,
In the fire dragon's tower, you'll find a ring of power.'
From this riddle, we can assume we should be looking somewhere near Necropolis. Bribe the sorcerer for his dove then head there. Searching the towers of stone around the city will eventually uncover a cave (30'3"-11'9"). (I doubt there was something giving a definite location of the cave? E-mail me). Enter the cave and you will be attacked by a group of dragons. They are high level conjurors so expect spells to the level of 'Blaze' and 'Stones'. Once they have been killed, take the red path and go down the ladder. Talk to Flamory and he will exchange the dove you have for the ring. You can also open the other chests in the cave if you wish as the dragons shouldn't attack you.

"This ring rules the art of separation. The King of Doggonia may know something of its whereabouts, if you can gain audience with him - he's recently taken ill and his regent seems very protective of him. Personally, I don't trust the regent; be very wary in your dealings with him".
When you arrive in Doggonia, head to the castle. You will find the guards will not let you very far into the castle unless you give them all of your gold. At this point it is ideal to invest all of your money in goods - I suggest gems. Any spare cash use on spells, food or whatever, just leave enough to get back to Doggonia if you need to sail, fly or whatever. When you return to the castle speak to the guards again and give them all your money. You will be given access to the throne room so you can now speak to the regent. You learn the king is sick and they are looking for a suitable replacement. He tells you to speak to the judge about your quest. The judge is on the west side of the castle, he will instruct you to talk to the jailer on the east wing. The jailer will ask you to go and kill a cheat called Fiver who is hiding in the city of Commerce so go there. The house he is hiding in is at (15'2"-1'9"), speak to him and he will ask you if you will spare him. Say yes and he will disappear. Return to the jailer in Doggon castle and he will thank you. The regent will now send you on a quest to recover something called the 'milk of youth'. He will also tell you to ask the priests in town about it - leave the castle and do so. Priests in the local temple of Nexus will forward you to the cathedral where the resident expert on the ring can help you. Speak to him (he is just to the right of the door on the upper floor) and he will send you off to Sunrise (3'-21'). The village is split into young and old with most of either not saying much to help you. One house however (3'2"-21'9") has a door you cannot open. Speak with the kid there and he will tell you he left the key in a bedside dresser down the street. The house you need is at (3'0"-21'7"), take the milk key from the dresser at the back of the room and go back to the first house. Go downstairs and search the center of the fountain, you will receive the 'milk of youth'. Now take this back to the regent in Doggonia, he will give you the run of the castle. Search the back rooms and you will find the maid. She will tell you a maid has the iron key you need to unlock the room the king is in, she lives in the house next to the city sign (13'4"-14'6") so go there. When you speak to the residents, they will let you know she has retired to Sunrise so you need to head back there once again. Find the house with the woman upstairs (3'4"-21'4") and speak to her, she will ask you to return a hairlock to her that was stolen by the witch hideous. The witch lives in the swamps just to the north of Doggonia (12'0"-13'3"), you will need a boat to get there. When you enter the house kill both groups which include Hideous and you will receive the hairlock, now take this back to the woman in Sunrise. She will give you the iron key so now return to Doggon castle. Head for the back rooms again and into the kings chamber which the guard stands in front of. He will tell you he has been put under a spell and he needs the milk of youth, then instruct you to kill the regent. Do as he says and take the milk back to the king - he will give you the ring.

"This is the ring of the archers. It is rumoured that the Queen of Richii may know where it is hidden, but I wasn't able to learn anything during my visit - perhaps you'll have better luck with her".
As told, start you quest for the ring in Richii. You'll have no problem talking to the queen so question her on anything you wish. She says she knows the location of the ring and will help you if you do a favour for her. She needs a lens for the observatory which is being built. Leave and go to the observatory on the west side of town and talk to the man on the top floor. He'll give you the plans for the lens and send you to Shard, far south of the city. Take a ship and head south between the continents, past division, until you reach an island with a small town on. This is Shard (17'-20'), where perfect crystal is made. Go to the glassblowers and speak to the master glassblower. Show him the plans and he will ask for two things. Firstly, he requests tomes as a payment, these can be purchased from the shop in Cathedral. Secondly, he needs sand to make the lens, this can only be found in Mesa in the great desert. The tomes are straight forward enough but to get to Mesa you need a dragon stone, as it stands high above the desert unreachable on foot. Dragon stones can be only found in Mesa itself (Go figure?), and from wandering merchants. If you have stumbled upon one along your journey so far and bought one, you are ok, other wise you need to find one. Wandering merchants always travel by craft such as ship, boat or dino. You can tell a merchant from an enemy party as they do not chase you. *** If anyone knows of a fixed location to buy stones from a merchant, please mail me *** When you have a dragon stone, fly to Mesa. Taking the dragon from as close as possible will save you an enormous amount of food and water, but its your choice. Once in Mesa (24'-14'), finding the sand isn't easy. Speak with the receptionist in the desert fortress and he will tell you, you can find magic sand in the north-west corner of the city. Leave the building and head out to the tip of the city (23'8"-3'5"). The exact area you need has a bandit roaming the area. Look around the mound to the right of the screen to find sand. You should be able to take far more than you need. When you are satisfied, return to Shard. Give the tomes to the glassblower and he'll direct you upstairs where you must give the sand to another glassblower. He will give you the lens which you can return to the man in the observatory in Richii. Once complete, go back to the queen who will tell you her ancestor, the first Richii king had the ring. His tomb is below the south-eastern tower of the castle. Apparently though, no one has ever entered the crypt as it is magically locked and needs a specific key. She suggests trying the great cathedral to find out more. The resident expert on Advancing in the cathedral seems to be a little cryptic to me, but you may be able to make more of his information. When you are done, return to the castle in Richii and go into the crypt beneath. You will see the huge green floor and a key rested upon it. If you try to get the key, it will move away from you making it impossible to reach. Using the advice from the priest in Cathedral if you understood - or the more obvious clues in front of you - change all of the green tiles to blue and the key will come to you. Using the key you can now venture further into the tombs. Zombies inhabit the area and are all at very high levels so tread carefully and heal if needed. Soon you will find the kings tomb itself, yet Imino has somehow managed to get there first without the key! He already has the ring and you must fight him and his party to get it. The party itself is at an above average level - not as high as most ally parties you fight - but caution should be taken anyway. Once you have defeated them, you will receive the ring.

"The second ring of the conjurors, the Ring of Perfection is said to be hidden in a 'perfect' place. Visit the University Library and speak with the resident expert on perfection - he may be of some help".
Start at the Great Cathedral and speak with the resident expert on perfection. He will tell you the ring used to be kept there at Cathedral but was moved to a 'perfect' place. Take the scrap of paper from the shelves as he says and you will see a 'chamber of perfection' can be found at (32'9"-18'4"). When you get to the chamber of perfection, you will find Fezzick and his party there waiting for you. He will say that he has been waiting for you to come and help him get the ring but you need both the sun and moon gems. This leads you to Celestial city, as it has sun and moon temples, so now go there (26'-15'). You need to enter the sun temple during the day and the moon temple at night. Talk to the priest in the sun temple and he will ask you to get him some embalming fluid, then tell you to go to the library in Oxbridge to learn more about it. Talk to the scholars there and they will give you a few more clues to the completion of your quest. One scholar however will tell you he visited a secret laboratory in blood and they gave him a pass - search the shelves close by to find it. Now head to blood. You need to go to Old Tsalmi's grave (the place where you took the body as an errand) (15'6"-18'3") and enter the lab via the ladder. As long as you have the pass, you will not be attacked. Talk to the necromancer there and he will give you the embalming fluid. Take it back to the sun temple. The priest will give you the sun key in exchange for the embalming fluid. Now go downstairs and get the sun gem from the chest. Now you need to go over to the moon temple (at night) and talk to the priest there. He will ask you to take a note to the King in Sparta (11'-21') to plead for the cease of his men attacking the temple. Go to Sparta and talk to the king, he says he will stop the attacks if you prove yourself in the arena. In the arena there are bears dragons, they are fairly powerful but should not be too much problem. Once they are all dead, return to the king, he will honour his word and promise to not attack the temple again. Now you can go back to the moon temple and talk to the priest again, he will tell you the gem is in the pool on the floor above (you cannot get it before the task is done by the way). Get the gem and return to the chamber of perfection. Fezzick will help you release the ring but will then try to take it for himself; you will have to fight him for it. His group is as strong as any in the game, so make sure you are well rested before you go. Defeat him and the ring is yours.

"This is the first ring of the conjurors. When I spoke to Slice at the Guild of Pieces in Division, he told me about an old wise man who lives behind a waterfall. If you can find him, he may know something about this ring".
Although Thalamus tells you to seek Slice, I actually found the knight that you need to talk to is called Spliter - he can be found at the back of the Guild of Pieces in Division. He will tell you that someone who came to the guild the previous week spoke of an old woman (also contrary to Thalamus information) who lives behind a waterfall at (30'1-5'4") who is an expert on the Ring of Calling. The waterfall is on the path that leads to the loony asylum, half way across a bridge - it's not too hard to find. When you talk to the conjuror there, she will tell you she knows where the ring is, but will only tell you if you retrieve her crystal ball. She then tells you to start by going to the bandit hole at (30'-18'). When you enter the bandit hole, just to the north of the entrance there is a scrap of paper on the floor, take it and read it. It says that the Ahab sunk and the location was recorded on a piece of paper that was then ripped in two. Red Beard has one piece and a merchant has another. First, travel to Magicnia (31'-3') and go to the store, then talk to the shop keeper. He will let you have his half of the map if you bring him five flags. Flags are captured when you defeat pirates who attack you at sea - the merchant says there are in abundance just outside Magicnia. There is a good chance that you will have acquired enough flags by now, if not just sail around until you get attacked, then take the flags back to the merchant. Now you have one part of the map, go to Division. Red Beard can be found in one of the inns, he is an enchanter. Unfortunately, he is not very talkative and you need to kill him in order to get the piece of map. Now you have both, you can see the full location of the Ahab (18'5"-4'0"). Take a ship out there and dive (in a boat) and you will be in the wreck of the Ahab. There are a couple of groups of undead monsters you must fight before you can recover the crystal ball out of the chest. Now take it back to the woman behind the waterfall and she will exchange the ring for it.

"This is the first ring of the necromancers. It was one of Void's share of the rings, and the clues indicate that he has entrusted it to Pain, one of his high priests. If you can find where he is buried, the ring may still be with him. Talk to Curtis in the City of Blood".
Ask around the guilds in Blood and you will be told to go and see Curtis - he's at the graveyard just east of the city (16'7"-16'4"). Curtis will confirm the ring as buried with Pain when he died, but he doesn't know the location of the tomb. He has two clues however that may lead you to it. The second clue is far easier to follow (show the symbol of Void to a black priest) and you should already have the whip from the Ring of Thought quest. The only black priest you can talk to (that I know of) is in the temple at Kaos, so head there. On showing the black priest the whip, he will give you location of a place called the Pit of Despair (21'8"-8'7"), take a ship and go there. As you walk through the Pit, you will be attacked by fairly strong groups of black priests, so keep you levels high prior to coming. Once you reach the bookshelves, take the scraps of paper and read them - the clues tell you that the tomb is somewhere in the great Desert. If you killed the black priest previously in the game and cannot follow the last set of clues, Curtis' first clue will have to suffice. Either way, you now need to go to the great desert and find Necropolis (31'-12'), the tomb is there. Enter the tomb however and you will find that a gate bars your way. Talk to the gatekeeper and he will tell you he can open the gate if you remove a curse he has placed on him. He tells you to consult the most powerful Necromancers in the world (maybe a clue to head back to Blood), but actually the one we are looking for is at Magic'B'Us (24'-2'), now head there. Speak with Lucius, the self proclaimed 'Greatest Necromancer in the world' and he will let you know about a new spell called 'raise' that he is working on. All he needs to complete it is the moustache of a thespian, which you can find at the theatre at (27'-10'). The person you need to talk to is up on the stage, standing among a clump of trees, talk to him and he will give you the moustache you need. Now go back to Lucius and give it to him, he will give you the 'raise' spell. Should you wish to quicken the process of acquiring the spell, it can be bought from the necromancer in the lab at Blood. You can go back to Necropolis and into the tomb. Before you go, it may be wise to stock up on balm and mana and have a stay at an inn. The tomb is filled with undead monsters all at high levels and to make matters worse, the stone is cursed making your energy sap away as you walk through the tomb. Necropolis has no inn so take a sleep on the way. Once you get there, show the gatekeeper the 'raise' spell and the gate will open - you will be attacked immediately. Work you way through the maze of a tomb remembering to check your levels as you go. The ring is in the north-west corner of the tomb, camp to exit when you have it.

"This, the second ring of the necromancers, is in the hands of Motarin, a corrupt necromancer who wishes to use its power for evil. See the Guild masters in the City of Blood for more information".
Talk to the necromancers in the guilds in Blood and they will tell you the ring has been found by an evil necromancer, his men are said to be gamblers and frequent the casino on the arctic coast (24'-21'). Tank to the townsman there and when he asks for money, give him some. He will give you a card with the name of a knight called Carl. Follow the coordinates (16’3”-11’4”) to outside the archer guild in Division. Speak with Carl and for a few gold he will send you off to the Lobotomy Club to see Mean Dean. The Lobotomy Club sits just outside Mind (where you started), so go there (10'7"-12'3"). Mean Dean lives up to his name however and won't say much. He only gives away that he carries an ID card which may come in useful. The only option is to attack Mean Dean and kill him, leaving you with the ID card. Read it and follow the coordinates it says to return it to (28'0"-18'2"). You will need a dragon to get over the wall surrounding the building - you can get one from a wandering merchant if you have not already done so. Once inside POBOPS you will see two groups of knights and archers, they need to be killed in order to obtain a key that opens the door to the lower level. The groups are quite powerful so be prepared or a decent fight. Once you have the key, open the door and go down the ladder. Once you are on the next level, you will have to defeat another group - once again, for another key. Take the diary and note the location of Motarin (13'2"-1'7"), but first you need one more key, this can be obtained by defeating the group in the lower floor. This group is at very high levels so prepare yourself if necessary. Take anything you find in the chests and head to the location mentioned in the diary, you may wish to sleep on the way. When you reach the island, go in the cave. In here are four parties of undead creatures, all necromancers, all very powerful. These are probably the hardest battles in the game besides Void, with your enemy casting spells such as reaper, perfect, death and restore to name a few. Beat the fourth group which contains Motarin and the ring is yours.

"This is the first ring of the enchanters. I spoke with an enchanter in the City of Kaos who believes that the answer lies in a tower on the eastern side of the Great Desert. Visit Kaos and see what you can learn".
There are two ways of getting this ring. One is quick and easy, but you must have your group at full levels and health. The other is far longer, but can be done with a reasonable weak party and it is also the way the game was intended to be played. I will describe the proper way here; the shorter alternative is in the speed guide. Start by speaking to the guild masters in the City of Kaos. They will not give you much information, but instruct you to try speaking to a man named Tutu who lives in a great tower on the eastern side of the Great Desert, so go there (33'1"-9'1"). Climb to the top of the tower and talk to Tutu. He will imprison you in the cell - if you have not spared Fiver's life when questing for the Ring of Division, you will be imprisoned forever - if you have, Fiver will free you. Search the shelves nearby and you should find three scraps of paper. One tells you the temple of variation is just north-west of Speed. Another says the key to variation is held by a hermit who lives just south-east of Cathedral. The last says the secret to variation is held by sober warriors of Nexus and lunatics. Firstly, there's no point in heading for the temple just yet, go to the lunatic asylum instead as it is only a little to the north-west (31'-8'). Make you way around to the south-west of the building where the loonies are locked in their cells. Talk to the three loonies on the right of the corridor, when asked about your quest they will reply Mutation is “WWWSSWWNNNNEEE”, alteration is “WWSWWN, west to wall, SSEEE”, randomness is “south to wall, west to wall, NNENNNWW”. This won't make any sense yet, but take note of what they say. Now go to the hermit, just outside of Cathedral (7'7"-10'6") and talk to him. He will reveal the key to variation is to "start at the third square from the south wall and proceed according to the order of variation". Now we just need the order of variation, go to Cathedral. The castle like building besides the port is where you need to go (6'0"-7'1") - it is the home of the holy paladins of Nexus (from the clue found in the tower). Upstairs, there is a chest which you cannot open, you also don't know how to open it. Talk to the paladin in the bedroom and he will tell you the key was taken by the residents of Sparta in a raid, so go to Sparta (11'-21'). Go inside the citadel and head for the treasure room just north of the entrance, the war key is in one of the chests. I'm not sure if the door to the room is always open - if not you may have to complete the errand for the moon temple during the Ring of Perfection. Once you have the key, go back to Cathedral and open the chest and read the order of variation - now you have all the information you need to solve the puzzle in the temple. Sail out to the temple from Speed and enter (33'0"-6'2"). You will see the floor has randomly changing tiles - some drain your energy, some are normal. Using the information you have gained you should be able to cross the area safely. Start from the third square from the south wall and proceed: WWWSSWWNNNNEEE WWSWWN, west to wall, SSEEE south to wall, west to wall, NNENNNWW. Take the ring and exit the temple through the back.

"This is the second ring of the enchanters. If the stories are true, it has taken the form of a woman and is living as a commoner, moving from city to city. Kaos might be a good place to start looking for this one".
I have never found any clues about the ring of mutation in Kaos, so I'm not sure how you are supposed to pick up the trail. -Gabbo- mailed me to say there are clues to point you in the right direction: these can be found by taking to enchanters in the guilds at Richii, Thieves Haven and Magicnia. You will have now confirmed master Xylotyl was right about the ring taking the form of a woman and is moving from city to city. You also now know that the woman can be found in an inn and needs to be shown a picture of her orginal form to turn her back into the ring. The first thing you need to do is at the Drunken Dragon (13'7"-18'9") near Blood (the place you found Oblisky). When you enter the tavern you will be approached by a group of medium level enchanters, which will end in a fight. Once you have defeated them, you will receive a picture (pic) of a ring. You may have already done this if you did not leave by the back exit when you first met Oblisky. Go into your inventory and read the desciption of the pic: it says it is a picture of the ring of Mutation. The woman you are looking for is staying at an inn in Mesa (24'1"-14'3"). Enter the inn and go down to the lower floor. Talk to the woman there and show her the pic - she will turn into the ring or mutation.


If you speak to the resident expert on the rod of creation in the great cathedral, he will tell you the holy seal was stolen by bandits. The leader of the bandits, Mr.Belmont, can be found at his residence at (20'-11') - go there and speak to him, he will ask you to find out why the residents of Mesa won't join his organisation. Go to Mesa (you will need a dragon) and enter the fortress there (24'8"-14'3"). On one of the floors is a log which says the sand of Mesa provides defence against greed. Now go back to Mr.Belmont and speak to him again, he will give you the freedom of his house as a reward. Go back upstairs and down the other ladder, in the chest there is an I.D - take it and leave the house. Reading the I.D will reveal it is a bandit pass, the next logical step is to go to the Bandit hole (30'-18'). Go through to the back and the guard will check your I.D and let you through. The next guard is Lenny, the bandit you freed in Speed - he will let you into the treasury where you can find the Holy Seal in one of the chests. Upon exiting, a group of bandits will attack you (avoid by camping) - the bandits are at very high levels and will use powerful spells. One they are defeated, leave the bandit hole and providing you have all of the rings, head for the Fount of Heaven.

Fly to the Fount of Heaven on a dragon (1'-18') and land outside the door, then enter the building. If you have all of the rings and the holy seal you will be able to pass through the door and into the chamber beyond. Use the holy seal from your inventory to open the door, then proceed through. Darius, the last sorcerer and slayer of your master Thalmus waits. After a brief conversation, he will attack. Darius and his companions will use some of the highest level spells in the game so make sure your levels are high and you have spells to compliment them. Expect 'Reaper' and similar high level spells to be cast against you including Darius' own incarnation of 'Master' which is particularly devastating. A guide to the most useful spells to use are below-
Sorcerer – Use Mesmer so the enemy cannot attack, then Master.
Knight – Use Divide so the group cannot heal (can be countered with perfect).
Others – Twister, Djinn, Reaper and Wyrm to cause maximum damage.
Heal with the necromancer if necessary.
When you defeat Void the rod of creation can be restored. You have completed Rings of Power, well done!