Making the most of your mana

Buc's Spells

The straight forward offensive of our leader is more restricted in favour of a wide range of support spells. In fact, only four basic attacking spells in the form of Stun, Jolt, Daze and Shock are available. These are good spells to rely on throughout the game, should your enemies be uncomplicated in nature. Daze is possibly the most welcome due to its fair damage to all targets. You also need to advance another two levels to be able to use shock.

What sorcerers are proficient in however, is support spells. Clue, Knowledge and Help will give your party a 25,50 and 75% attack aid respectively. Warn, Inform and Predict give the same benefits in defence while Support gives you a 25% aid in both attack and defence, and Assist gives you a 75% lift in both areas. Personally, I never use any of these spells as I feel any battle can be won without having to resort to such tactics. You may want to experiment, but under test I didn't notice any change in damage dealt.

A couple of spells which come in very handy throughout the game are Confuse and Mesmer. These spells prevent the enemy casting any spell on its turn. Confuse targets a single enemy, while Mesmer targets several. These are key to winning tougher battles later on in the game as you can prevent most of the enemy group from attacking while you kill them with your other characters. Buy as soon as you can!

The last set of spells sorcerers command fall under the collective 'screw up minds'. Insane and Mirage have always miscast for me so I can't really comment on them. Swarm and Packs summon ghost in the form of Dinos and Sorcerers respectively and damage for fair and middling points to one enemy. This makes them of little use when you reach these levels. Other characters have much better single character attack spells far before now. I'd avoid all four completely and spend your gold on Master instead. This is Buc's highest spell and possibly one of the best in the game. It summons Thalamus to aid combat and targets all enemy characters for massive damage. Awesome.

This only leaves Free, which releases an ally from an enemy spell. I have never cast this due to the small chance that an enemy will cast a status spell on one of your characters. Freeze is the only spell I can think that I may have been afflicted with. I'd rather fight fire with fire and just attack instead.

Slash's Spells

All of the knights spells basically fall into four groups apart from their super spell. Firstly their general attack spells which consist of Stab, Cut, Dice, Split, Puree and Delete. These are the spell you are going to use the most as you play through the game. Stab, your level one spell, is very weak and needs Slash to get up close to the enemy leaving him vulnerable. Cut isnt much of an improvement but higher levels of these spells command long trips to purchase them. Puree is my favourite among the set as it deals decent damage to all enemy characters at a fair level, without hammering your mana like Delete.

The second set of spells are similar to the first and in most cases will be sold at the same guilds. They are mostly paired off into the same levels too. Cleave, Rend, Rip, Sever, Sunder and Divide remove body parts from the enemy as you attack, leaving them unable to heal fully without the use of the spell Mend. This is particularly useful when fighting enemies with a necromancer class that may heal a lot. The only down-sides are that none of the spells are multi-target. Secondly, they only reduce hp from the maximum, so attacking for 100hp if the character has already lost 150hp will not do it any extra harm, just prevent it from healing back to 100hp less than its full amount.

The Knights multiple bullet spells can be quite useful as an alternative to their general attack. Knives tends to be more reliable than Cut, so is a better option early in the game. Swords is a nice mid-damage spell that would have been a little more useful had it been level 5 or 6. Axes and Blades tend to miscast more often than I'd like, taking considerably less damage then Swords, leaving them too much of a gamble at high level to be useful.

Ground spells must rank pretty high in the wow stakes as far as this game goes. Lava is particularly impressive and does a fair amount of damage to all enemies. Frigid and Torrent again seem to come a little to late for the amount of damage they do. As with most knight spells, these eat up your mana heavily too. The general attacks are a better option I feel.

Lastly, Pain does exactly what it says on the tin. If you want to really hammer your foes, look no further.

Arrow's Spells

Once you acquire Arrow, you'll notice a little difference in her general attack spells at low levels - they are slightly better than Buc and certainly Slash's. Dart is a fair starter spell with a long range. Arrow and Brand progressively better. The multiple target variations in Tempest, Tornado and especially Fire are much better. Fire is a killer and up there with the best in the game.

Arrow's multiple bullet spells are also very useful, with the low-level variety hitting for a decent amount of damage earlyish in the game. Tempest seems to fail in both quantity and power making it a bit poor. Propel however is a high level multiple target, multiple bullet spell that seems to hit hard most of the time, even if you cant guarantee the damage will be evenly spread among the enemies. Still a nice way to pick off the weaker and hit the big guys hard too.

I've always seemed to ignore bullet waves until I get hold of Implode. This is one of favourite single character attacks as it is medium damage and reliable too. The lower incarnations are steady enough to warrant an airing or two as you feel.

Force spells are a tough set to comment on as I've never had one that hasn't miscast in all of the time I've been playing Rings of Power (a long time!) You may have more luck - Let me know...

Finally, Twister is the super spell exchanging huge mana for huge damage. Enough said.

Alexi's Spells

Conjurors general attack spells are fairly good throughout the range. Spark is a fair opener if you can get a couple of hits in each attack. Rock and Air are slightly better as you move through the levels. Energy is the first multiple target variation which does a useful amount of damage for the level attained. Flare is the slightly tougher version. All in all, Alexi's general spells provide a fair level of damage for the level you can use them at.

Earth, Rapids, Iceberg and Inferno are Alexi's ground spells, similar in vein to Slash's variant. Unfortunately, these so very little damage with only Earth at Level 2 needing any consideration. The rest are too weak for their level, especially Inferno. Very poor for a Level 8 spell.

To make up for these is Blaze, a monster of a multiple bullet, multiple target spell. Cast this and watch you enemies HP bars disappear. One of the finest spells in the game alongside Obliky's Frenzy.

Possibly among the most brutal set of spells in the game are Alexi's multiple bullet variety. The low-end duo of Daggers and Bolts are nothing too remarkable doing a smallish amount of damage. Sabers upwards however deal massive damage to one target. I'm certain that Stones is the hardest single target spell in the game doing roughly 80 pints of hurt. Flames on the other hand, always seems to mis-cast doing only a tiny amount of damage. Pity.

The last of Alexi's spells are taken up by a few high level miscellany. Wave does a very small amount of damage to all enemy characters and takes a massive chunk of mana leaving this confusingly high level spell obsolete. Master hits one target for middling damage, but Sabers upwards in multiple bullet are better. Servants does less damage than Master too rendering it pointless. It seems these high levels spells look nice, but pack no punch. Even the super spell, Djinn is less preferable to Blaze showing how tough conjurors mid-level spells are.

Mortimer's Spells

Necromancers are unique as being the only class who can heal wounds. Comfort, Relief, Solace, Cure, Health, Restore and Perfect will give you a much needed HP boost should you need it. As with offensive spells, they will get progressively better as you move through the levels. Health upwards are multi-target.

The attack spells are pretty much the same really but damage instead of heal. They seem to be paired off in levels together and are usually bought from the same guild. Again, you'll do a little more damage each time you attain the next higher in the series. Wound and higher are multi-target. They represent a decent hit for their levels, so are a good base set of spells.

The remainder of Mortimer's spells are a random bunch. Blind does what is says and blinds a victim, keeping them from casting for a round or two. Insane does the same, with the chance of the spell holding up to three rounds. Repair is unique in that it rejoins body parts that have been cleaved by a knight. This is the only spell that presents the opportunity to heal fully in battle, should your party be victim to this. Dazzle is a mid-level multiple bullet spell, slightly weak for its level. Freeze turns one enemy to ice until a 50% save is made. Insane is more useful I feel. Raise attempts to revive a dead ally. Should this fail, a huge amount of damage is dealt to a random enemy character. I've never whitnessed this. TerraBreaks says: Mortimer's "Raise" spell - when it fails, it reduces one enemy to 1 HP, no questions asked. There was a way to force Mortimer to use it in this way, but unfortunately I can't remember it. Lastly, Reaper, possibly the finest looking spell in the game, does massive amounts of damage to all characters as we'd expect.

Obliky's Spells

The enchanter only has one general attack spell, this comes in the form of Mix. As far as this kind of spell goes, this is probaly the best often getting in several hits at a reasonable force. A very handy spell to have so early on in the game.

Obliky's multiple bullet spells consist of Scatter and Frenzy. Scatter is a low level, low damage spell that is pointless as Mix is better and takes no mana to cast. Frenzy on the other hand hits all enemies for a very good amount of damage without taking much mana. All things considered, this is probably the best spell in the game. Get it as soon as you can.

As with most of Oblliky's spells, ground rippling is again overshadowed by Mix. Lava is fairly useful once you've acquired it, but is hard to recommend using these spells.

It might sound repetitive, but again the whole mutation class of spells are fairly poor in comparison to spells like Mix or Frenzy. I'm not a big fan of these really.

Three spells you may want to consider are found in the skill separation class. Alter and Modify turn one or more than one person into a townsperson. The beauty of this is that a townsperson has no class and just attacks with his bare hands. It can turn a potentially deadly fight into a walkover. The one setback is that once you get to a high enough level to cast it, you should be tough enough to defeat most parties anyway. Still a nice pair of spells. Mutate is the same, but turns one enemy or more into a bear instead.

Two of the remaining spells are Swamp and Pool which again are pointless. Random is a strange one. It casts any spell from any class. Great if you like that kind of thing, not so great if you don't like to gamble what you cast. TerraBreaks says "Sometimes Random will produce a spell that usually no class can. It looks like Obliky's scatter yet hits one target for 150 points almost always killing them. On my first try I managed to see it and it hit the target for 130HP!" It seems like you'll have to make up your own minds whether you like Random or not. Lastly, Wyrm, Obliky's super spell. This simply toasts all enemies for a huge amount of HP in return for a sizable chunk of mana. Lovely!