The sextant explained.

Finding the sextant is one of the most confusing parts of the game judging by the amount of E-Mails I receive on the matter. It is never easy to explain as I cannot just give a co-ordinate showing where to look, therefore this page should give you all of the information you could need.
The first clue to the location of the sextant is given to you by the merchant Rashid, encountered as part of the quest to find the Knight symbol. He will sometimes tell you the sextant is hidden in a cave behind a waterfall just west of Cathedral.
"I don't know about any rings, but I heard this pirate who hid a magic sextant in a cave behind a waterfall. Its just west of Cathedral."
The second clue you recieve on the whereabouts of the sextant is from the receptionist in the Archers Headquarters in Speed. When you give her the flowers you buy in Perfection, she will open the door and give you the hint as to its location.
"Theres a sextant hidden in a cave behind the falls just to the east"
Follow the path eastwards out of town and as it turns north leave the path and keep heading east. This is actually a shortcut to Cathedral and also Perfection and you may return here many times. You will soon see the bridge in the shot below, it also shows the location of the cave you are looking for.
Your map should look like this if you are in the right location. Notice the cathedral on the right and the waterfall in the middle.
Once you have the sextant, you can then use view the co-ordinates of the map - essential for finding places and following directions from other people.
A list of the co-ordinates of all of the towns and other useful places can be found here.

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