Things to make you go hmmm...


Hidden treasure rooms

Talk to the hermit who lives just off the southern Cathedral-Kaos path in the desert and he will eventually blabber:

There once was a rich man 178 131 17 108 304 150!

Although this seems innocent enough, they are actually a clue to the whereabouts of three sunken treasure locations.
Although I'm not sure how (trial and error maybe) when transformed they become:

304 178 150 17 131 108

30'4"-17'8", 15'0"-1'7", 13'1"-10'8"

(304-178) - Along the landing pier of bandit hole
(150-17) - Northwest corner of the lake in Commerce
(131-108) - Northeast corner of the harbour in Mind

Each location has several chests containing money and trade goods.

Infinite Goods

During the ring of advancement quest, you will need to get sand from a mound in Mesa (23'8"-3'5").
If you kill the Mesan that roams around the area, all of the sand will have turned into various goods.
If you exit the area and then go to camp again, it will have been restocked.


The Empty Cave

Just south of Kaos, hidden behind a sand dune is a cave similar to the one with the sextant hidden in it. It has been completely
searched and is empty, making it quite unessential to the game. The location is 8'8"-11'2" if you'd like a look yourself.
My guess is that it originally had some use but was then made empty and the code was left in the final version.

Vehicle Master Glitch

Enter the vehicle master in Richii - or any with a similar layout - and approach the lady in the top of the room.
If you walk through her and then turn to face her again, Void will find and kill you. Very strange!

The Invisible Party

If you look in the swamps near the Hideous house, you'll find a little fen who will ask you if you will kill him. If you
say NO he will tell you the location of the enchanted finger that Hideous hide in a corner of that screen. If you use the
enchanted nail in front of hideous you will kill her and you can avoid the fight against her and her party. If you go to the
nortwest part of the screen were you found the finger, an invisible force will block your steps. If you press the B button facing
east the "Another Party" message will appear. Just exit that screen (walk west). Its a strange bug.

Thanks to Xavier Whipon


Swap Naughty Dog for topless lady code

Rumours circulate about the authentucity of this secret so here is the proof it actually exists.
Try it out for yourself using the instructions below. Enjoy!

Hold Right, A, B and C on control pad 2 and turn on your Genesis. Keep holding till you see this.