Helping you on the way.

From the manual...

Save your game before you heal yourself; reloading may take some of your strength and magic points.

Save and reload when your Hit Points are getting low (below 25% - you will always be given at least
25% of your potential when you reload).

At lower experience levels, regain health and magic by purchasing sleep and meals from inns.
They are cheaper than buying heal and power from temples, and just as effective for low-level magic users.

Travel by day! You'll have fewer encounters with the large bands of roving thieves.

Pay the tax collecters unless your party is very strong.

Beating up friendly townspeople is a good way to lower local opinion of you. When the populations gets fighting mad,
its a good idea to leave town for a few days.

Bribing merchants is helpful when buying trade goods.

When using gate stones its a good idea to have a boat stone handy; otherwise you may end up stranded on a desert island.

If you lose a limb during combat you'll need to visit the local temple to get healed. A simple rest will
not bring you back to your full health potential.

Keep most of your wealth in trade goods; this way you won't have to make such a large donation to the cathedral for resurrection.

Pick up any items you come across. You never know what may come in handy during your adventure.

The value of trade goods varies from town to town, and each town has an item they will pay dearly for; make
sure to find out what is is

The City of Commerce is the place where you can buy just about anything - for a price.

If you get a lottery ticket, USE it; you may win the jackpot!

While travelling by sea, ZOOM in on various locations; you may uncover sunken treasure!

To exit a building quickly, select the CAMP command.

Avoid some hostile encounters by talking to friendly people from a distance, avoiding the hostile people in your way.

To hide from a threatening ship, dino or dragon, press B to ZOOM. When you emerge, you will usually find that they
have passed you by.

Ride dinos to avoid hostile encounters.

...and a few of my own...

You can tell the difference between pirates and merchants, because pirates will chase you.

Buy gems from Mind and sell them in Commerce, this is a quick and easy way to maximise your money.

...and a few from TerraBreaks

Casting projectile spells like Frenzy in Wary mode and the pausing and quickly switching to Berserk meant higher damage for a lower cost.

Leaving the HELP controller on the screen always seemed to decrease the number of random encounters for me, what about you guys?