A little extra help

The Teleport Cheat

One of the lesser known cheats turns out to be by far the most useful,
giving you the ability to transport yourself to the other side of Uska Bau in seconds.

Highlight the postion you wish to teleport to on the map and press A C and START simultaneously on joypad 2.

Experience cheat

Another useful cheat helping you achieve maximum levels in no time can be found during the Ring of Thought quest,
yet can be accesed at any time. When in the cave of thought simply keep answering the same question,
you will get around 200 experience each time.

Game Genie Codes

A huge thanks goes out to Alexander Spiridakis from Greece ( for the following section.
These are the patch codes which can be used for the Gens emulator, bestowing various effects on individual characters
as well as giving infinite supplies of food, water and money. If anyone has experience converting patch codes to universal
Game Genie codes then please get in contact with Alexander or myself.

FFC366:7530 Unlimited Water
FFC364:7530 Unlimited Food
FF02DE:3A98 Unlimited Money
FF0302:3A98 Maximum Buc Experience
FF0304:6400 Unlimited Buc HP
FF0306:2710 Unlimited Buc MP
FF05A6:32C8 Max Slash Experience
FF05A8:6400 Unlimited Slash HP
FF05AA:2710 Unlimited Slash MP
FF04D6:32C8 Max Feather Experience
FF04D8:6400 Unlimited Feather HP
FF04DA:2710 Unlimited Feather MP
FF05DA:32C8 Max Mortimer Experience
FF05DC:6400 Unlimited Mortimer HP
FF05DE:2710 Unlimited Mortimer MP
FF04A2:32C8 Max Obliki Experience
FF04A4:6400 Unlimited Obliki HP
FF04A6:2710 Unlimited Obliki MP
FF060E:32C8 Max Alexi Experience
FF0610:6400 Unlimited Alexi HP
FF0612:2710 Unlimited Alexi MP

***Please note - During testing, some of these codes caused Void to kill you upon entering a building. Please use with caution.***

More Game Genie Codes

Xavier Whipon ( has kindly contacted me with some new Game Genie codes which can be used with a conventional
Game Genie cart or with an emulator supporting the Game Genie. Below are the codes with a description of each from Xavier himself.

Master Code
You must enter the code to be able to use any other code. If not the game will not boot.
When you have low Food/Water, Health and Power never decreases.
Start with max gold.
Lets you start with 15,000 gold.
Infinite Gold
You have infinite Gold, but you can't gain more money.
Almost Infinite Food
Food endures much much longer. It drains very slowly sometimes.
Almost Infinite Water
Water endures much much longer. It drains very slowly sometimes.
Infinite MP
This code gives you infinite MP, but it also applies to enemies, so use it with caution.
Quick Level-Up
All your chars will level up to the max after they gain experience. Buc just must speak with Thalmus at the start of the game to level up to the max. The rest of your party will level up to the mx after you add them to your traveling party, because all your actual party gains experience after you complete each party member quest.
Start with So Sym, Map and Sextant
The teleport cheat is imposible without the sextant. Now you have it at the start. I think Its very evil that the programmers doesn't let you have the coordinates of your locations from the start.
Start with the Magic Leaf
The Magic Leaf maze is just insanely annoying. With this code you can avoid that maze. Just don't enter the papers menu until you get the tomes or some paper, because you'll start without the note of Thalmus and the game will freeze is you enter the menu when its empty.
This code is directly based in your teleport cheat. I'll explain it a little: When you enter the map, there's one piece of the code of the game that checks if you have pressed A + C + Start on controller two. If you pressed these buttons that piece of code jumps to the part where it just teleports your party to the location for the cursor. If not nothings happens. Thats were the trick is!. I changed that to make the game teleport your party always, unless you press A + C + Start in controller two. Great, isnt it?.
Start with max food
Lets you start a new game with the max amount of food.
Start with max water
Lets you start a new game with full water.
Always have all the goods at max value
An awesome code!. All the goods are infinite and you always have the max amount of each one of them.
Always have all Spells, Papers, Keys, Items and Rings
This code gives you everything. I didn't tested it much, but, for example, when you start a new game with it enabled Master Talmus is already dead. So i suspect is like playing the game after defeating Void. It must be there just to let the programmers test the game.

IPS Patch

To add to these codes Xavier has created a patch to let you implement all of the codes above - and more besides - into the game.
The ROM must be in .BIN format and he suggest using Lunar IPS.

Download the patch here

Xavier adds:

I've found bad news in the net. It seems this game uses serial EEPROM to save your progress, not the classic SRAM.
Thats the cause of the annoying "Media Error" error message. There's not an emulator that can emulate EEPROM saves.
Pirate cartdridges doesn't include the serial EEPROM and the game is unable to save.

Another bad news is the game uses DMA (Dinamic Memory Allocation) for the character stats. The only exception is Buc,
the main character. That means all the character stats memory addresses, except the Buc ones, are changed before you start
a new game. Thats the reason because the game shows you the "Void found your party" error message when you use some PAR codes.
The RAM addresses of Food, Water and Gold are allways the same.